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Solve complex challenges and gain better insights into data, environments, security, and threats, and improve operational efficiency.
90% of IT professionals believe observability is strategic to their business
74% of IT Professionals say their observability practice is not mature
91% of IT decision makers see observability as critical in the software lifecycle
  • Observability as a service
  • Data & Environments
  • Optimisation
  • Enablement
  • Real-Time

Observability as a service

Through intelligent use of technology, we partner with the most credible vendors in market such as Splunk, Elastic and Cribl, providng a flexible service that ensures complete visibility and transparency of data that can be utilized to solve the most complex business challenges, and provide better understanding data, environments, security, and threats.

Data & Environments

It is critical that organisations now have end-to-end visibility, transparency and understanding of data and environments, and know how to exploit the under lying information to create business benefit.

Working with the world’s most successful organizations we integrate and stabilise complex environments, manage migration to the cloud, improve performance across infrastructure and application landscapes, whilst lowering TCO.


Our Observability experts define strategies and deliver technologies that consolidate operations and cyber security and provide visibility of how business critical systems perform.

Through consolidation, we establish a common understanding the scale of organisational data, what's happening within critical business applications, infrastructure and processes (availability, cause and effect) and help to problem solve issues for rapid resolution and improved SecOps.


Our unique L+n model ensures customers will always maintain the skills and capabilities required to transform Data, understand environments and be able to tackle the most complex business challenges.




The world works in real time therefore organizations must operate, act, and react in real time. By effectively leveraging real time data, at the edge, TSI experts retrieve, ingest, filter, aggregate and transform operational and security data, used for immediate response, action and resolution.

We guide customers and enable them to understand their organization in the moment ensuring environments are secure, customer experience is improved, and operational costs are optimised.