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TSI is dedicated to empowering women in the field of technology. Our Women in Tech Community helps to empower women who are looking to thrive in their tech role.

Women currently occupy only 17-27% of positions within the tech sector across the various markets in which we operate. Our mission is to make significant strides in bridging this gender gap by fostering increased female representation in the tech workforce.

Whether you have a passion for technology but aren't in a tech role, or are already an experienced professional, our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to discover a tech career that offers substantial rewards.


Supporting Women to Start their Tech Career

BeatriceTSI Consultant

One of the great things about TSI is that it will hire people who have not gone through the higher education system and give them a chance to have successful careers in tech.

LilyTSI Engineer
It can be really challenging to feel like one community with everyone spread out physically, but these groups have helped us see our colleagues as more than just people we interact with on a screen. I loved getting my TSI gift box with a hoody and a backpack as these are small but constant reminders that I am part of a bigger community at TSI –one that is there to support me
UNATSI Engineer

Going through the training as part of a cohort is brilliant; if you are stuck on something, then other people can help you and vice versa. Not only do you get to meet loads of different people with unique life experiences but getting to then work with them on client projects is such a great support.

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